Eberle high-performance band saws blades –
Powerful and efficient!

Bandsaw cutting is a demanding core technology in the metalworking industry! We meet this challenge with its highly skilled team, modern and reliable manufacturing facilities, and many years of experience. This combination ensures high-performance band saw blades that are perfectly adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Would you like to immerse yourself in the Eberle-SAWING-WORLD and gain insights into the production of metal band saw blades?
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Put yourself a cut above the rest with the extremely hard, abrasion resistant metal band saw blades from Eberle! We engineer our high-performance blades to meet your specifications in full, whatever your requirements. Check here to find the optimum band saw blade for your application!

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We set the highest standards of quality right from the start, and this really means right from the beginning, because high-quality strip steel is the prerequisite for high-performance band saws. We roll our strip steel and we have perfected the welding process for joining the backing material to the HSS wire. This is how we guarantee our customers consistently high and reliable performance of our Eberle metal band saw blades.

Our continuous materials research drives us to develop new carbide grades and tooth geometries for sawing difficult-to-cut materials and to make existing tooth geometries even more performance-oriented.

Our commitment to the highest quality and absolute customer satisfaction results in high-performance metal band saw blades with a strong service-oriented charm that will support you.

If you have some tough cutting jobs ahead of you, then use Eberle band saw blades for care-free, cost-effective sawing. Please give us a call if you would like to know which band saw blade promises the greatest success for whatever task you have in mind!