Eberle Band Saw Blades – robust, durable and efficient

Put yourself a cut above the rest with the extremely hard, abrasion resistant metal band saw blades from Eberle!

We engineer our high-performance blades to meet your specifications in full, whatever your requirements.

Check here to find the optimum band saw blade for your application!

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The outstanding quality of our band saw blades is the result of our experience and the fact that we manufacture them from start to finish in-house. We roll the strip steel ourselves and have perfected our welding process that joins the carrier and cutting materials together. We use top-quality carbide, high speed steel and extremely wear-resistant coatings to meet a diverse range of applications. And of course we also adjust the tooth geometry and setting, so they achieve the maximum performance and blade life.

If you have some tough cutting jobs ahead of you, then use Eberle band saw blades for care-free, cost-effective sawing. Please give us a call if you would like to know which band saw blade promises the greatest success for whatever task you have in mind!