Eberle Federbandstahl fuer vielfaeltige Anwendungen

Benefits at a glance:

  • narrow thickness tolerance and width tolerance
  • best roughness and surface finish
  • perfect flatness and straightness
  • ideal edge geometry

Other Applications for Spring Steel

Are you looking for a spring steel for a really special application that you haven’t been able to find yet in our product range? If so Eberle can provide you with exactly the precision strip steel that you need. The applications are so vast in number that they can hardly be counted. We supply specially tailored strip steel for such widely differing uses as sewing machine needles, strippers, crepers, scrapers and doctor blades, springs, knives and chocolate knives, musical instrument reeds, textile sinkers, formed parts and many others in addition. Give us a call if you would like to benefit from the quality of spring strip steel with very specific properties and dimensions.

Grade Chemical Composition (percent nominal) Comparison of Norms
C Si Mn Cr DIN Material AISI
Eberle 13 0,75 0,25 0,70 C75S 1.1248 1075
Eberle 18 1,00 0,25 0,40 C100S 1.1274 1095
Eberle 18ER 1,00 0,25 0,40 C100S 1.1274 1095
Eberle 30ER 1,05 0,25 0,30 1,50 102Cr6 1.2067 on request
Eberle 50ER on request on request on request on request on request on request