Bimetal Strip Steel made by Eberle – extremely wear-resistant and efficient

For many industrial and manual applications, such as sawing, cutting, punching and stamping, perforating, folding and creping, success ultimately depends on the quality of the edge. As an example, the whole saw does not need to be manufactured from the hardest steel because it is only the teeth that do the sawing. We use a longitudinal welding process for our bimetal strip steel to combine the best features from two very different material´s properties – cost-effective, flexible steel as the carrier material with a working edge made of extremely wear-resistant, high-speed steel.

We weld specialty steels with an annealing hardness of up to 1,000 HV. Of course, our bimetal strip steels hold to the narrowest tolerances that you have come to expect from all our strip steel semi-finished products, which means that your tools benefit from the long service life that you require while remaining affordable. If you would like to know which bimetal is ideally suited for your application speak to our professional advisers!

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