Precision strip steel, bimetal strip steel and band saw blades: Made in Germany

Eberle made in Germany

Eberle has positioned itself in the market for strip steel and band saw blades with a concept that is quite unusual nowadays – our manufacturing since 1836 has been exclusively based in Germany. The demands made of our products cannot be satisfied in the classic low-income countries. Eberle works for niche markets where the highest quality is key in determining the value of strip steel semi-finished products, for example in edge precision and flatness.

With every order we receive we go into very exact detail of the requirements of our customers.

In tailored strip steel, for example, we offer completely individualized solutions. This approach requires a good deal of expertise in the hardening process, in welding technology and in quality control, to name but three of the key competence areas in which Eberle excels. Because we handle the entire process chain in the manufacturing in-house, we can manufacture the absolute top products for demanding markets.