Eberle Augsburg
Eberle Augsburg

duoflex® PT Plus – NEW

Bimetal Band Saw Blade

  • advanced performance cutting profiles and solid materials
  • aggressive and stable cutting edge in one
  • integrated chip former for optimum chip flow
  • innovative variable setting for excellent cutting surface
Wear Resistance
Shock Resistance
Blade Life


You need a really versatile saw blade? The new duoflex® PT Plus bimetal band saw blade offers multi-purpose versatility to cut profiles, bundles in different forms and solid materials. Up to 34 mm / 1″-1/4“ width, the new duoflex® PT Plus is extremely versatile. However, the application focus of larger widths is mainly on the high-performance cutting of beams and profiles.

The duoflex® PT Plus features an aggressive stable cutting edge with a chip former and a cutting depth limiter to protect the blade against premature tooth breakage. The result is longer tool life, less down time and lower production costs.

Dimensions (mm) Teeth per inch (tpi)
2/3 3/4 4/6
20 x 0,90
27 x 0,90 CPS CPS CPS
34 x 1,10 CPS CPS CPS
41 x 1,30 CPS CPS CPS
54 x 1,30 CPS CPS
54 x 1,60 CPS CPS CPS
67 x 1,60 CPS CPS


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  • Aluminum
  • Ball bearing steel
  • Brass
  • Case-hardened steel
  • Cold working steel
  • Copper
  • Corrosion and acid-resistant steel (austenitic)
  • Corrosions and acid-resistant steel (ferritic)
  • Deep drawing steel
  • Free cutting steel
  • Heat-resistant steel
  • High-alloy tempered steel
  • High-speed steel
  • Nitriding steel
  • Structural steel
  • Tempered steel
  • Tool steel


  • Beams
  • Bundle, single-layer
  • Bundle, multiple-layer
  • Bundle of round bar
  • Bundle of thick-walled tubing
  • Flat bar
  • Round bar
  • Special profiles
  • Square Bar
  • Tubing