Combine what you need into tailored strip

tailored strip steel

Manifold different applications

We are well known for our very precise and extremely wear-resistant bimetals. Since 2012 we are able to manufacture beam-welded bimetals and trimetals. The field of application is wide ranging – for example, we have produced rolling boards with two different thicknesses on one strip. Tailored strip is also suitable for the most delicate applications, or for plug-in connectors and electrical resistors in combination with other materials. The applications are as manifold as the properties that are demanded in the industries we work for.
To suit customer requirements – also in small quantities
We incorporate our expertise in the field of bimetal and our knowledge of the manufacture of precision strip steel into the production of tailored strip, which means we know exactly how to individually create the combination of properties in tailored strip that our customers are looking for. And of course we can produce it in small quantities as well.
Call us and find out whether we can support you with strip steel individually manufactured and finished to your specifications. We also welcome the opportunity to learn about new applications for tailored strip with future potential.

Those benefiting from our experience in tailored strip include the following industry sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Paper industry
  • Textile industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturers of measuring and monitoring instruments
  • Electric and electronic industries
  • Metalworking and cutting industry