Development of customized products

We are the right partner for your particular requirements

Are you looking for an accomplished and skilled partner who can develop a special strip steel with the technical characteristics you need? A partner who will work with you to design a semi-finished product tool that is precisely tailored to your production requirements? Or you may have completely different objectives – perhaps you want to improve the service life of your tools, raise production reliability or cut material costs.

Supreme quality, individually customized

We manufacture strip steels and tailored strip customized to individual specifications. If you need two or three different materials to be beam-welded together, we will develop a customized tailored strip for you. And of course, we always manufacture all custom solutions to meet the high quality standards we set in our facilities.
You can count on us as a reliable and dependable partner who appreciates your motivations, understands your technical environment and is there to actively support you for the long term.