Hardened Bi-/Trimetal

Gehaertetes Bimetall Trimetall

When using tools to make precision cuts or perforations a tough, durable and wear-resistant blade is a crucial requirement in the production process. Our bimetal and trimetal strips feature working edges with a hardness of up to 1,000 HV. These materials mean a long service life for your tools and deliver significant savings on materials.
By using the more expensive knife steel only at the edge and joining it to a cost-effective carrier material you get a functionally perfect yet affordable product. Whether you manufacture perforating knives for the tissue or paper industry, sell punching and stamping tools or machines for creping and folding lines – with Eberle’s hardened bimetal strips and trimetal strips you can be sure of quality. If you would like to learn more then give us a call!
Benefits at a glance:

  • hard working edges for low wear
  • precision cutting lines
  • cost savings
  • lastingly reliable perforation or stamping/punching