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The finest precision for satisfied customers

We have in our sights two clear goals – quality and customer focus.

Outstanding quality

Customers who place their trust in Eberle can rely fully on the quality of their semi-finished strip steel products or tools. When you place your order with Eberle you know for certain that you can just leave everything to us. Our semi-finished products can be further processed with no worry or hassle, and they ensure the best possible quality for our customers’ end-products.  Our saws are robust and durable, and contribute to the efficiency of our customers. We are passionate about this in our approach to our work, and pay meticulous attention to achieving the highest possible precision in our industry.

Uncompromising customer focus

In addition we put the wishes of our customers center stage in everything we do. Whatever our customers’ requirements in terms of materials, measurements, precision or other properties: we commit ourselves fully to the job in hand and put our expertise and our true awareness of quality at the service of our customer.

“Our work is being close to the customer. New product lines come from active consultation with the users and learning about their experience in the real world.”

Martin Döring, CEO of J.N. Eberle & Cie. GmbH
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