Eberle presents its most innovative bimetal band saw blade, duoflex® VTX:

duoflex® VTX, specially designed for long and very long cutting lengths, provides increased precision and stability by significantly reduced cutting forces – completely without use of carbide. This bimetal saw blade is especially suitable for stainless and acid-resistant steels as well as hard-to-cut steel grades and nickel-based alloys.

Click here for more information about the innovative high-performance bimetal saw blade duoflex® VTX in our SPECIAL!

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Eberle is introducing a new bimetal band saw blade, duoflex® PT Plus:

We have developed a multi-purpose band saw blade that sets a new standard cutting profiles, tubes, solid materials and bundles. Additionally, the impressive performance extends to sawing of beams and profiles, especially larger dimensions.

Learn more about the new duoflex® PT Plus in our SPECIAL!

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Extensive program

Bandstahlsaegen Sortiment

We provide a large variety of high tech band saw blades inlcuding bimetal, coated bimetal and carbide blades for all your cutting demands.

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Prompt availability

Schnelle Verfuegbarkeit weltweit

Our in-house storing capability, a strong worldwide partner network and our supply chain cover your immediate need.

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Cost effectiveness

Tailored Strip Steel

We combine different metal grades to meet all your requirements and to make your business more profitable.

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Individual developments

Bandstahl Entwicklungen

You, our valued customer, know the specifics of the market – we have the technical expertise. Together we aim for new solutions to enhance the success of your business.

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Eberle produced face shields for medical personnel by 3D-printing process and donated them to the organization "Maker vs Virus" for charitable purposes.  Maker vs. Virus are well over 7,000 people, all of whom volunteered for [...]

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