duoflex® PT Plus:
Bimetal Blades for high-performance cutting of tubes, profiles and solid materials

Versatile band saw blade –
Outstanding cutting performance especially for larger sizes

The duoflex® PT Plus from Eberle is manufactured to combine precision, high performance and versatility when cutting profiles, pipes as well as solid materials and bundle cuts. It easily cuts structural steels, low-alloy steels and stainless steel profiles and is offered in band saw widths ranging from 20 – 67 mm or 3/4″ – 2 5/8“ widths. Tooth pitches available include 2/3, 3/4 and 4/6.

The nanoflex® PT Plus version is additionally coated with a high-quality TiAIN coating – for enhanced performance and wear resistance. Wide set versions of duoflex PT Plus and nanoflex PT Plus may be considered upon request.

Our bimetal saw blade duoflex® PT Plus in detail

Advantages of duoflex® PT Plus

  • aggressive and stable cutting edge in one
  • cutting depth limiter to protect against tooth breakage
  • integrated chip former for optimum chip flow
  • innovative variable setting for excellent cutting surface
  • increased chip space volume for solid materials
  • for profiles, pipes, solid materials and bundle cuts

  • nanoflex® PT Plus with TiAIN coating

  • wide side set for materials with excessive tension

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TiAlN stands for titanium-aluminum nitrite: The combination of the three elements gives the band saw blade a special hardness and wear resistance. Thus the nanoflex® PT Plus with TiAIN coating can withstand higher cutting speeds and increased temperatures. Due to its elevated-temperature hardness and oxidation resistance, the TiAlN-coated band saw blade can be used especially for performance-oriented sawing when cutting profiles.

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About Eberle: high-quality band saw blades and band steels from Augsburg

The Eberle company manufactures high quality precision band saw blades and customized band steel. Highly motivated employees, agile structures and an enormous technical know-how form the basis for tailored-made quality products made of steel. The history of the company dates back to 1836 and has been closely connected with the refinement of steel ever since. Eberle is the only saw manufacturer in the world to rely on the realization of all production steps, including the raw material, we produce in-house.

This means that all band saw blades and band steels from Eberle are produced quickly and flexibly according to individual customer requirements, while adhering to precise manufacturing and intensive testing. Furthermore, all Eberle products are guaranteed “Made in Germany”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The new duoflex® PT Plus bimetal band saw blade offers multi-purpose versatility to cut profiles and bundle cutting of tubes. Additionally, it can also be used to cut solid materials. The duoflex® PT Plus features an aggressive stable cutting edge and cutting depth limiter to protect the blade against premature tooth breakage. The result is longer tool life, less down time and lower production costs. Another advantage is the integrated chip former of duoflex® PT Plus. This additional benefit is a smoother chip flow and thus a “free” cutting channel. Ultimately, this can reduce the risk of blade deviation.

Up to 34 mm / 1″-1/4“ width, the new duoflex® PT Plus is extremely versatile. However, the application focus of larger widths is mainly on the high-performance cutting of beams and profiles.

Structural steels, low-alloyed steels and profiles of stainless steel are materials which can be cut most ideally, with duoflex® PT Plus.

When cutting small profiles, our duoflex® PT saw blade is the more suitable solution. The new duoflex® PT Plus saw blade offers an advantage, especially when operaters are confronted with cutting a material mix ranging from large profiles to solids. For the user this means fewer blade changes and less downtime.

In contrast to duoflex® PT, a higher cutting performance can be achieved. The more aggressive cutting edge, which requires less cutting forces reduces heat to prolong blade life. The larger tooth gullets help to enhance versatility when cutting solids or large cross sections in profiles.

The following table illustrates the duoflex® PT Plus product availability:

For materials with excessive tension we recommend duoflex® PT Plus with wide tooth set, available on request. TiAIN coated duoflex® PT Plus saw blades are designed to provide enhanced thermal protection, to prolong cutting edge in high production cutting applications. Available upon request. Please call for further information.

Yes – duoflex® PT Plus requires a break-in procedure to ensure the service life of this high-quality tool. We recommend break-in at a 40% reduced feed rate. If vibration occurs during break-in, a slight reduction in blade speed will increase cutting pressure to stabilize blade. Break-in should last approximately 15 minutes or cut a minimum of 50 sq/inches material.

Basically, the cut surface quality is already very good. A possible after-treatment depends, of course, individually on the requirements of the customers to the workpiece and its final application purpose.

All carbide and bimetal saw blades are exclusively produced at our Augsburg location in Germany – “made in Germany” since 1836. Through our strip steel division expertise and bi-metal weld capability, we also manufacture all the raw material for our band saw blades, in house.

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