Welding – decades of experience in joining metals together

Eberle competence welding

We weld metals to semi-finished products for many industries

If it’s a strip and made of metal, then we can weld it. For decades now our experience in welding a wide variety of material combinations has been increasing steadily. To accomplish this we use various technologies of continuous beam welding. We use laser welding processes to manufacture the semi-finished products for applications in the automotive industry, metal band saw industry, textile industry and the paper and tissue industries. We are also skilled in electron beam welding in a high vacuum. Especially, for copper joints in the electronics industry, this technology is highly demanded.

Latest welding technology and highest quality standards

We use state-of-the-art equipment for electron beam and laser welding. Eberle employs a very reliable concept for feeding material under the welding beam, a concept that was designed and developed by Eberle itself. This approach is the reason for the consistently high and particularly uniform quality of our welded joints.  This means that we are able to deliver welded steels quickly and on schedule. In addition, our feed system supports a diverse range of material thicknesses and dimensions.
Which thicknesses or widths do you require? We can join a wide range of different materials with exact precision to provide semi-finished products tailored to your needs. Please contact to us if you would like to know more about our competence in welding.