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Give us a call – consulting worldwide

Eberle Service Vertrieb Partner Beratung

We have a comprehensive network of partners representing us internationally. Please contact the Eberle in your area to place an order or to arrange a consultation.

Our partners specialize in saw blades and can help you select the right saw blade and the correct cutting parameters for your application.

To help us please give us a few details:

  • band saw machine
  • blade size
  • material to be cut:
    – material type and grade
    – size and shape of work piece
  • type of cut (single, piece or bundle)


Consulting / Sales

Sales Band Saw Blades

Phone.: +49 (821) 5212 – 338
Fax: +49 (821) 5212 – 300
E-Mail: saws@eberle-augsburg.de

Sales Strip Steel

Phone: +49 (821) 5212 – 237
Fax: +49 (821) 5212 – 300
E-Mail: strip@eberle-augsburg.de

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