Eberle – a fair employer with lots of opportunities

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We take our responsibilities seriously as an employer, and are always seeking new ways to carry out our apprenticeship training. We are constantly training our staff to a very high level. We do this out of a strong conviction that it is the right way to go. We are also very flexible in our approach.

We know how important the experience and the knowledge of our employees are for our global competitiveness. That is why we place great emphasis on encouraging training and further development. Under normal circumstances employees at our company will have good chances of promotion.

Our in-house health care program offers, for example, visits to a fitness center and individual nutritional advice. Monthly fruit baskets and high-quality drinking water are available to all employees. Osteopathic treatment appointments are also part of the company health management program.

After you have been working for a while at Eberle you will come to appreciate our enjoyable and friendly corporate culture. Common activities include bike tours to beer gardens, our Bike & Burger event, the annual carnival doughnut round or simply enjoying a refreshing ice cream.

If you can picture yourself joining the team at our strong and reliable SME high-tech company then take a look at the page that shows the jobs and apprenticeships we are currently offering.