Material testing – exact quality, again and again

High level of quality requirements

Eberle places great importance on keeping precisely and exactly to defined quality requirements. We achieve this through permanent quality controls and materials testing. We obtain all of our materials exclusively from selected suppliers, and they all are subject to incoming material quality inspection.

Eberle laboratory

Our in-house laboratory provides a wide variety of test options, presenting our customers with two main advantages: firstly, we can consistently deliver the quality agreed. Secondly, we can respond more quickly to individual requirements.
For even more extensive testing we cooperate with external partners and universities.

Extensive analysis

The material is checked for its chemical composition and purity using spark spectrometry and light-optical methods. We apply guidelines in our inspections that go far beyond the DIN standard.
Throughout the finishing process Eberle uses materials testing, such as tensile testing, micro-structural tests, surface inspection, roughness testing and straightness measurement.

  • Tensile strength testing
  • Microstructure analysis
  • Surface inspection
  • Roughness testing
  • Straightness measurement