Eberle carbide-tipped band saw blades –
For extreme sawing applications

Do you have difficult-to-cut materials to saw? Aluminum, graphite applications, case hardened, chrome plated materials or nickel-based alloys, stainless, acid resistant steels?

With our innovative carbide band saw blades, you can really take off and become a champion!
You can take a first look right here! We invite you to join us:

The increasing requirements of newly designed materials drive our engineering to produce innovative saw blade solutions. Our state-of-the-art „in house“ lab and cutting center, allows us to develop and test our newly developed blade technologies.

It goes without saying that outstanding performance, long-lasting blade life and an excellent surface finish are our key objectives when engineering a new band saw. These criteria are cost-critical factors in the use of band saw blades, hence, decisive for reducing your costs per cut in your operation line.