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Eberle Augsburg

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CT-flex® Alu XL

Carbide-tipped Band Saw Blade

  • carbide MultiChip® tooth design
  • specially designed for large plates and blocks of aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • low material loss
  • optimized thin chips can be easily vacuumed off
Wear Resistance
Shock Resistance
Blade Life


Aluminum blanks are expensive. So we have developed the, CT-flex® Alu XL, a high performance MultiChip® saw blade that cuts through large plates and blocks of aluminum efficiently and with the lowest amount of material loss. Additionally, the special tooth geometry generates a thin chip that can be more efficiently vacuumed off.

Dimensions (mm) Teeth per inch (tpi)
0.75/1.25 1/1.3 1.4/2 2 2/3
41 x 1.30 TR TR TR
54 x 1.60 TR TR TR
67 x 1.60 TR TR TR
80 x 1.60 TR


  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Non-ferrous metals


  • Round bar
  • Square bar
  • Flat bar