duoflex® VTX:
Bimetal Blades for high-performance cutting of tubes, profiles and solid materials

High performance saws – without carbide
Ideal for cutting large to very large work pieces

The performance advantages of the duoflex® VTX bimetal band saw blade are best seen when cutting large to very large work pieces. Ideal for cutting corrosion and acid resistant steels as well as high-strength steels, tool steels and nickel-based alloys.

The integrated tooth height differences combined with different set widths reduce the cutting forces significantly, especially when cutting large work pieces. The fatigue strength is also increased by the strongly stretched gullets. Additionally, the specially developed tooth geometry and micro-wear resistant cutting edge provide excellent cost per cut performance without the use of carbide.

The coated version, nanoflex® VTX, enhances wear and heat resistance due to the high-quality TiAIN coating. Both versions of VTX are available in dimensions from  1” x .035” to 3-1/8” x .063” or 27 x 0.90 mm to 80 x 1.60 mm and in tooth pitches of 0.65/0.95, 0.75/1.25, 1.1/1.5, 1.4/2, 2/3 and 3/4 teeth per inch (tpi).

Our bimetal saw blade duoflex® VTX in detail

Advantages of duoflex® VTX

  • Combination of tooth height differences and
    varying setting widths for cutting force reduction

  • Stretched tooth gullets for enhanced fatigue strength

  • Variable, positive tooth geometry for extended blade life

  • Outstanding micro-wear resistant cutting edge

  • Performance in large to very large work pieces

  • Increased precision and stability

  • nanoflex® VTX available with TiAIN coating

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TiAIN stands for titanium aluminum nitride: This chemical compound consists of aluminum (AI), titanium (TI) and non-metal nitrogen (N). It is a hard coating that provides higher oxidation and heat resistance. The nanoflex® VTX cutting speed and productivity can be significantly increased, due to the coating’s added resistance to increased heat generation.

Success Story: Bimetal bandsaw blade duoflex® VTX

Gernot Egretzberger, CEO
Gernot Egretzberger, CEO

duoflex® VTX metal band saw is one of the most innovative bimetal band saws made by Eberle – why does this saw blade perform so exceptionally well?

The new tooth geometry combined with micro-wear resistant cutting edge are specially developed to increase performance. VTX is specially designed for large to very large work pieces, as the combination of different tooth heights and set widths reduce cutting forces, to enhance cutting performance and increase blade life. The stretched tooth gullet also increases fatigue strength to provide longevity to the band.

What triggered this innovation? 

As a leading manufacturer of premium bandsaw blades, the development of new blades with high-performance tooth geometries has always been very important to us. Working with our customers that required higher productivity and performance in large applications, we implemented a hands-on approach to develop and test extensively. This successful collaborative approach with our partners led to the production of the VTX.
Final conclusion – Mission Accomplished.

About Eberle: high-quality band saw blades and band steels from Augsburg

The Eberle company manufactures high quality precision band saw blades and customized band steel. Highly motivated employees, agile structures and an enormous technical know-how form the basis for tailored-made quality products made of steel. The history of the company dates back to 1836 and has been closely connected with the refinement of steel ever since. Eberle is the only saw manufacturer in the world to rely on the realization of all production steps, including the raw material, we produce in-house.

This means that all band saw blades and band steels from Eberle are produced quickly and flexibly according to individual customer requirements, while adhering to precise manufacturing and intensive testing. Furthermore, all Eberle products are guaranteed “Made in Germany”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Excellent cost per cut when compared to competitive bimetal band saws blades, especially for wide cuts (details see question 2). Also, the stretched tooth gullet extends fatigue strength of the blade (for details see question 3) leading to longer blade life and blade beam strength.

A long cutting length depends on the saw band width in use. For example, a saw band with a width of 27 mm is considered to have a long cutting length from 150 mm.  With a 67 mm wide band saw blade, a long cutting length starts at 400 mm.

By lengthening the tooth gullets, the fatigue strength of the duoflex® VTX band saw blade is increased. A high fatigue strength means that the risk of cracks forming at the tooth gullet is reduced or eliminated. This considerably increases the service life of the band saw blade.

Additionally, elongated gullets increase blade beam strength to promote straighter cuts and increased performance when cutting wide materials and/or running high production parameters.

A micro-resistant cutting edge has a special microstructure, this in combination with Eberle’s special tempering technology leads to a much more homogeneous microstructure compared to conventional HSS cutting edges. The uniform hardness and strength in the microstructure give this cutting edge a strong micro-resistance, which has a high level of wear resistance and thus enables more performance.

Ideal materials are tool steels, plastic mold steel, cold work tool steels, duplex and heat-treated steels and corrosion & acid-resistant steels. Additionally, VTX is capable of cutting materials with high toughness, including Cr-Ni steels and nickel-based alloys.

The following dimension table shows the available duoflex® VTX range:

TiAIN-coated VTX bandsaw blades are available as nanoflex® VTX. These are used for high performance-oriented sawing processes.

Yes – duoflex® VTX requires a break-in procedure to ensure the service life of this high-quality tool. We recommend break-in at a 40% reduced feed rate and 80 % cutting speed. If vibration occurs during break-in, a slight reduction in blade speed will increase cutting pressure to stabilize blade. Break-in should last approximately 15 minutes or a minimum of 50 sq/inches or 300 cm² cut material. If vibrations nevertheless occur, the speed should be reduced even further, ideally the break-in procedure must be vibration-free for maximum benefit.

All carbide and bimetal band saw blades are exclusively manufactured at our Augsburg production plant. “Made in Germany” is of course guaranteed. Through our strip steel division expertise and bi-metal weld capability, we also produce all the raw material for our band saw blades, in house.

Of course, we can offer technical support on-site. To reach our technical support contact:

Phone:       +49 (821) 5212-197                           For US & Canada: +1 (314) 406-1102

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